Coming expansion

There are so much speculation about coming expansions, but I think I have the truf!

Forget Old Gods, Naga, The Void, Troll Islands, The Big Blingtron Army, Time Travel ….

Recently I picked up this through the windmills.. err… wind chimes..? Eh… grapevine! But rumours are not enough, there are also clear indications (if you just believe!) in game already. First have a look at the Stormrage Bros:

Malfurion been a bit lost in the corruption, but we gave Xavius a well-deserved spanking. Mal will soon be back kicking ass, and I do not think he want as yet to settle down to family life with Tyrande. Or maybe she doesn’t. Maybe they are not even genetically compatible? He does seem to have got stuck between three different forms. Love is blind.

Illidan got back in the game, a sort of redemption, but then he went full bazooka by first calling on Argus and then claiming he is his own master, even against the Light. I almost expected him to shout “WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!”

The we have Velen, leader of the Draenei, and sharing first place with Malfurion in the Biggest Baddest Beard contest. Velen has been all Holy and Light, but then when Illidan went all “individual” he seems to almost shrug and think “shit happens”. Look how he dances with joy to be back on Argus:

Finally, Turalyon, who is probably the oldest human that ever lived. He has been fighting a thousand years in some other dimensions and worlds, and while he is a bit scarred and look a bit tired, I must say he is pretty fresh. Is he a man or is he machine? (I play on Turalyon realm, so in this world he is a machine). I wonder if his armor is that old? How often does he change his underwear? But I digress. He is all Holy and Light, but when Alleria says she must research and use The Void and the shadow, he goes “Yes, dear.” Anyway, it was awesome to finally meet these two characters.

Now what do these four guys have in common?

That’s right, they are old. Not as the titans, but as for beings of flesh, they have accumulated a decent, even astonishing, amount of years. This fact is not proof, nor confirmation, but an indication (I am very careful and scientific here!) that the next expansion will be:


The Whispers of The Old Codgers

I guess this can be a bit of a shock, but it’s obvious once you notice it! These guys are basically good, powerful but also straddling into other not so clean and holy dimensions. That’s just part of getting old. They are not immortal, but they are stubborn as […] and will probably live long and prosper. They want their will to have a big impact on the world(s). By all means necessary.

The finer details of this expansion I am still gathering. Will soon be back with another post with more info.

That’s all for now. Remember where you heard this first.

Part 2


7 thoughts on “Coming expansion

    1. Guffaw! (As codgers are prone to say)
      Now that is a good question! I’ve never thought about that. I guess there must be some void in them, otherwise they would just sit on one side of body?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Haha, oh, you. The Biggest Baddest Beard, lol 🙂 Good post! Thank you for the entertaining spin on all the “next expansion confirmed” hype-train!

    I haven’t got much idea yet. I just cross my fingers it won’t ruin Azeroth once again…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I loved this! “The Biggest Baddest Beard”!!!! After so much playing, no one is puts “family life” and “Tyrande and Malfurion” in the same sentence, no one thinks about it. Well, no one but you!

    “How often does he change his underwear?” No idea, but something tells me I don’t want to know, because we would be asking similar questions about all other characters xD and the whole “Yes dear”… I just… I can’t even… x’D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the very kind comment and I am glad you liked my ramblings! 😀
      And sorry for slow reply.
      As the time of this reply of mine, the next expansion has just been revealed, and it seems Blizzard didn’t listen to me. Although the classic servers will make some codgers happy! Except Tyrande (may I call her a codgerette?), as she has to do all the work for the night elves, while Malfurion is snoring in some cave, claiming he is visiting the Emerald Dream and doing important work. Yeah, right… I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyrande more than once grabbed a rolling pin and thought of waking him up. At least that’s my theory and I am sticking to it at least until tomorrow.


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