Again, I am posting after the fact. I did take screenies, and they have been waiting for me. I cannot resist their passive-aggressiveness any more!

This year I did Brewfest for the first time in years and years. Mostly on Alliance side, but 2017 was the year I dared go to Orgrimmar to have a look at the Horde version of the festival. It is a bit surreal. Brewfest for me, ever since vanilla, is Ironforge and dwarves. Horde side looks at first quite similar, there are rams, ram racing and quest to bark for one of two alcohol producers. The visitors are different:

That troll really wanted to be in picture. He kept staring at me the whole time, and even did some dancing. Attention seeker, obviously. When I gulped down a bottle of Storming Saison, he seemed happy!

Stormy Saison can drop for Horde from Coren Direbrew, but otherwise the Horde corresponding item to buy is Spirit Spirits. I have no screenies from Brewfest, but I have one from Thunder Bluff just to show the effect:

Back to Orgrimmar Brewfest! On horde side the dwarves are very skinny:

Something’s not quite right here!

There are two competing ethanol-product manufacturers, Drohn’s Distillery and T’chali’s Voodoo Brewery. The second one are obviously trolls, the first one are orcs. However, it seems to be goblins running the whole Brewfest, and probably siphoning off 95% of the profits. Here’s my mage pondering the risks of drinking any of their products:

I also think orcs in Bavarian/Tyrolian outfit is really odd. These poor guys must really been fallen on hard times to dress up like this. I mean… they are orcs!!! Maybe they like the leather?

I did ram racing, and had no idea where to go, but just tried to follow others. It went quite well and managed to do a decent amount of rounds. I used to do a lot on Alliance. This year I was rusty but with some practice managed to do 19 deliveries (38 tokens) for the dwarves. I might have reached 20, if I had made no mistakes. Feels like that would be my limit. I guess there is a theoretical limit, but I don’t know what that is.

As a final goodbye to Horde Brewfest, I flew up to get a birds view. Main area to right, ram racing to left.

I flew up as far as I could. Looked like this. To the left is front gate to Orgrimmar.

Hmm… the water thingie on right looks a bit heartshaped. Is that a result of Deathwing giving his love to Durotar when he went bananas?

Hope you survived this post thus far, and that it will not give you a hangover.



4 thoughts on “Hangover

  1. Haha, excellent post 😀 Love your comments to the pictures, nice to see how you notice such things and think about it this way. Inspires me too.

    That picture of the “Dwarf” is just hilarious!

    Thank you for the tour 🙂 I have never tried it on the Horde side before. I can imagine I would be lost doing the ram race there too, heh.

    Good shot from above, the game looks totally different from that angle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it! 😀
      It was a longer post than usually do. But I’ll probably soon be back to writing some short random interjections… 😉
      I was surprised I could fly that high. Has it always been like that??

      Liked by 1 person

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