Legendary Champion Equipment

I had no idea these things even existed! I was quite flabbergasted I got one from a Court of Farondis emissary quest. Ward of Infinite Fury, which, if I understand Wowhead correctly, is not even supposed to drop from emissary caches? This is how surprised I was:

First I saw the orange text and thought it was another legendary, which I really have no desire for. Furthermore, I never have champions with me when questing. When I originally created my warlock back in vanilla it was because I wanted a pet class, hunter seemed too complicated, and I also wanted to play a gnome. Lock pets are more minions than pets, so they they do not require any care really. Before I get animal rights activists on me, minions are demons, and should be handled accordingly. But I digress…

With time I sort of got a bit tired with pets, so, for example, I have talented away pets on frost mage and MM hunter. I really like that play-style. I only tried questing with champion once, on my lock, but that was just meh and a pixel-annoyance. But with this new legendary thingie, Wisteria insists I prepare one of her champions for help with the patrolling. I do as I am told. Do not mess with druids.


3 thoughts on “Legendary Champion Equipment

  1. Wow! What an expression you caught there, I could hardly recognize Wisteria, nice shot 🙂

    I understand your surprise, these are very rare. Congrats 🙂

    But ouch my eyes…”First I saw the orange text and thought it was another legendary, which I really have no desire for.” Gosh…! Can I have them!? 😛

    I am a big fan of Thisalee as a Bodyguard 🙂 Also she has a function that allows her to still grant you those ressources/gold, without actually being near you.

    You can see it here: https://alunaria.wordpress.com/2017/05/20/thisalee-crow-a-druid-champion-and-new-champion-function/

    Its called To My Side and you can make her “dissapear” like that. 🙂 Just in case you rather not want to be accompanied. But she is great to have out, I think, so fierce and joyful.

    But the function is awesome for screenshots too, when you don’t want to have your Bodyguards in your screenie.

    Why, Cheerio to you too, reminds me of Taliesin 😉

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    1. Thanks for the comment and info! 🙂 I actually have Thisalee in mind as follower. Her voice seemed so un-elven, but her American perky disposition has grown on me! I am just levelling her up to “elite”, and hopefully soon be there. Or do they get xp when accompanying on questing, too?

      Wis has three legendaries, and since I can only use two, and only doing some questing, I am fine with those I have. My lock can craft a clothie one, but not much of use to a druid. I hope you get more soon. 🙂

      Taliesin does have a rather old fashioned British style, I say! Although I suspect he drinks coffee, not tea, as he talks so quickly!

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      1. She had to grew on me too; at first I found her a tad annoying, hah! XP while questing as a Bodyguard indeed 🙂

        Ah, I am ok with the legendaries I have too, as few as they are, they fit my playstyle just fine 🙂

        Haha, yes, at times, I have to rewind their videos and listen to it one more time :p

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