A heads up on a demo of an artifact

After finishing this post, I realise the images are very grainy. 😦 I must have had some settings wrong when exporting them. Hope they make sense.

My main is warlock. I have been affliction for maybe 3 months after playing destro for years before that. The third spec, demonology, I have not played to any extent since I levelled in Burning Crusade, if memory serves me right. I do have the Legion demo artifact, blade and offhand. Demo is the least common warlock spec, but you might have seen the offhand in shape of a floating skull. It is also the offhand, Skull of the Man’ari.

This morning, while questing in Argus, I killed some random non-elite demons, and one dropped Visage of the First Awakener. Apparently it drops after a series of grey items with ugly face icon. Since I know very little of demo as it is now, this was a pleasant surprise. I fetched my skull offhand from bank, respecced, rightclicked the drop item, and voilà, one of the ugliest/funniest/scariest artifacts of any class and spec, in my opinion.

(I had just gotten buff from Fizzi Liverzapper.)

I went to our class “hall”. The Dreadscar Rift. This offhand seems contagious!

At the artifact, modifier, uhm, thingie, I tried out some different looks. Here is the lowest prestige look and color:

Finally, I tried a different color of the hidden look. The skull is rotatating around the artifact, modifier, uhm, thingie, so the perspective is quite skewed on this one. However, who does not want a pink, giant, screaming mad Eredar floating head for amusement! As offhand it is more modest. If it can be modest. I was fully in charge of that… thing, I can assure you! Usually, I have control of things. At times.

3 thoughts on “A heads up on a demo of an artifact

  1. :O That is so spooky! Never seen that. So much of the game I do not know anything about.

    Congrats on the drop though! 🙂

    Wow, that roaring picture, you nailed that! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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