On guard!

Azsuna is probably one of the most varied zones ever created in WoW. Blue dragons, naga, interesting wildlife, demons, Illidari, murlocs, you have it.

Not last and not least: the ghostly elves of Nar’thalas. Their guards and warriors, The Nightwatchers, are basically night elves, in model and voice. Apart from the ghostliness. But they do strike some poses different from ordinary night elves. Furthermore. there are also male as well as female warriors, and they do not look like sentinels. They have swords, and some also have shields. I am not sure why. Maybe some tradition lost to the present day night elves? Although the usual night elf story is that women are the traditional warriors and they have those strange multibladed weapons. Shields are for sissies! That is: men, humans, dwarfs, taurens etc!

A sentinel once told me: “Even those tiny gnomes have shields! I don’t get it. They must be hard to hit. Wouldn’t they be better off ducking and sneaking? They are brave little warriors, I’ll give them that. Stubborn. I am glad they are on our side. Their giggles in bloody battle must drive our opponents nuts. Me too, at times. Once I stumbled on one in the heat of battle. She had a shield bigger than herself! Oh, well, we survived.

That said (in my usual concise and wisdom-filled prose, always on the money and never segwaying), I think the Nar’Thalas Nightwatchers are awesome, and they go from being bitter and angry to follow the prince and fight.

I love this guard’s pose, standing just outside the Farondis Court building (ruin), or whatever that tiny little place is called. Maybe it is just a facepalm of cold steel, but I still like it!


It is very nice to fight for them, they suffered immensely for a very long time.

4 thoughts on “On guard!

  1. I know! I like Azsuna that way; so much variety.

    And, anything night elven…Yes please!

    Those multibladed weapons are gorgeous, wish we could wield those.

    Haha, what a chat you must have had with the Sentinel.

    Such details you notice. Thank you so much for sharing, I really like it!
    I will look closer the next time I pass by the Nightwatchers 😀

    I wish we could have a pose like that…

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