A filthy rich goblin

If you are not a jewelcrafter, you might not know of this guy. He doesn’t look much. He has a short walk in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, near the entrance to the Siege of Orgrimmar.


He sells Orb of Mystery, a necessary ingredient for the five panther mounts made by jewelcrafters. It costs 20,000 gold a piece. Not that much these days, but a lot back in MoP. Considering people still buy the orbs, he must be very rich by now. Maybe they are hard to get, maybe he made a deal with some mogu devil to get them. Or he just found a huge pile of them somewhere. The availability is unlimited. You can buy 100 if you want. They must be very small as he has them on him, and he doesn’t have a pack, nor does he ever leave his little beat.

I suspect, while he may look poor, he is filthy rich, the bastard.

What the orbs are and where they come from is a mystery. Another mystery is why, at least according to Wowhead/Undermine Journal, the average buyout price is atm over 24,000 gold (!). It’s not like it is hard to go to Mr Keech and buy one. And it is not like you need one just before raid starts and you must have one for some boss fight and you forgot to pick one up.

One more thing. Jewelcrafting is one of the most recent professions I picked up. I did it just to try another craft, and I wanted to make the mounts myself. Apart from that, to me, this prof sucks. Very few of the things you make when you level are worth anything more than vendoring. My char (my only horde char I play at least a little) is about at lvl 740, but I have no interest/energy in levelling more than thru Darkmoon Faire. And when I occasionally have mats. It might be profitable at top level, but getting there… uggh.

In contrast, my newest char, a lvl 40 pally that is blacksmither makes lots of stuff that can sell on ah. For transmogging purposes I guess. It is also nice stuff to give away to friends.

One thought on “A filthy rich goblin

  1. I had no idea. 20.000 was a lot back then! Hah, his name is quite funny! I bet those orbs are teeny tiny though…And all the money he has made so far should spill out whenever you try to buy one. “Oops, second, let me just get my huge pile of gold into my bags – yes, here we go…”.

    Sadly I think people will spend 4000 gold on not having to travel or not having to spend time looking up where to get it. The game token has screwed the economy up on so many levels, pardon the language, but it has.

    Most professions without transmog seem to be in bad shape today, yeah. Shoot.

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