Omg, Blizz, can we ever trust you??

So, today, it is time for us to go to Argus. If we want. I been looking forward to it. Yesterday, I downloaded a huge update, about 1.8 GB! Today the realms would be down from 03.00 to 11.00.

That sounded good. I need to get some stuff done, and might not even be back till 11.00 either. But I looked forward to jump on the train, goat transporter, eh … space ship, to Argus. Sometimes it is fun when it is crowded in a brand spanking new place.

Around 8 in the morning I was on my computer and decided to check if there was another update. Maybe the Argus patch had some bugs the US players had discovered. US is some hours before us here in EU. (Long time ago, they were a week before us with content patches, iirc). There was a small update, and it looked like I could start the client. Furthermore I could log in! At 8.30??!! Several hours BEFORE the time promised??!!

Omg, Blizzard can never keep a promise! This is extra gaming time I cannot use! It’s unfair!! This is an anti-delay! Almost as bad as a delay!! Outrageous!

I am like this

2 thoughts on “Omg, Blizz, can we ever trust you??

  1. Haha I knew it! Shoot! Let the game be unplayable until tonight where I can play! Also let the game crash right when I have to log. Ain’t nobody getting ahead of me, mon!

    Kidding…I think. 😉

    Have fun! 🌹

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