Faulty towe… teleport.

In my first bag, the one my warlock had since time immemorial, i.e. 2005, I have an assortment of things, useful or just … not so useful. One of the items is The Last Relic Of Argus, which I had for quite some years. I had to look up from where it is, as I had forgotten that. It’s from archaeology so it is not grandfathered or anything. I always forgot to use it, but recently I have occasionally remembered it, actually before Argus The Patch was announced. Coincidence??

Random teleporting feels like a good exercise before we head off to Argus the planet. Hmmm… I wonder if it will receive new teleporting spots there? That would be quite cool.

This morning I used it and wound up in The Hills above Menethil where there is a dwarf farm.


It does not seem to be very intensive farming. I wonder what they are growing. Not hops.


4 thoughts on “Faulty towe… teleport.

  1. Aw what a nice place to teleport 🙂

    I use my Druid toy that teleports me random druidic places too, its just so nice. Sometimes I make it a challenge, like, expore whereever I end up!

    I didnt know of that thing you mention. I don’t feel clever now, isn’t that what I’m suppose to feel!? :p 😀

    Then again, my archaeology is zero or something…To be worked on 🙂

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    1. Archaeology is quite tedious. I once started on it for the mounts. Got some toys and other stuff on the way. I haven’t done it in past few months, as I had some pain in one arm, and the archaeology activity seemed quite repetitive. Blizz should not add more mounts to the profession for a long time, so I can skip it ’til next expansion or so! 😀

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